You were likely put on probation after pleading guilty or no-contest to a crime and serving time. During a scheduled or random check-in with your probation officer, you may have been violated and accused of doing something you should not have been doing because of the strict rules of your probation. If you are concerned that you will have to spend time in jail or prison,contact a probation violation lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to discuss the details of your case in order prepare your defense.

Attempting to Get Back on Probation

You may have made a minor mistake while on probation and as a result, you now face the real possibility of serving time in jail because of an innocent, simple mistake. The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone is here to help you.Even if you have a lengthy criminal history, Mr. Fasone will defend every allegation in order to request the Judge to reinstate your probation.

Providing a Custom Defense for You

You may be struggling to move forward in life despite the challenges that typically arise when serving a Probationary Sentence. Some conditions of your Probation Order may be confusing and may lead to a Violation of Probation.

When your probation officer accuses you of specific violations, you need to get immediate help from a probation violation lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. Your attorney, Joseph Fasone, will focus on implementing a defense that specifically addresses each and every allegation you are facing.

Attorney Joseph R. Fasone will work on building a criminal defense that could improve your chances of avoiding additional jail time. The particular defense Mr. Fasone will prepare for a Violation of Probation considers several factors including: the original criminal offense, the unique circumstances of the alleged violation, and if you have a prior history of violations or other offenses.