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I’m so grateful for Joseph Fasone. I have an impossible teen that was out of control. My son had many challenges with adolescence and a lot of stress along the way. The first attorney I hired on the recommendation of a co worker ; he ended up charging me ridiculous fees for services not performed. I fired him.
I decided I would look immediately for an attorney that I found on my own to start over as my son was now in bigger trouble. I must have called 6 lawyers and either they didn’t call back or it wasn’t a good feel on the phone. I went to see one attorney and he was screaming at my son and at me; we didn’t hire him. (Jerk)
I got this amazing call from Joseph and I knew it was an instant match. At no time was I made to feel bad or embarrassed. Joseph always spoke to me not at me- a real gentleman above all. Joseph always communicated even when my son would not cooperate. In and out of courtrooms and thru the probation process and more- Joseph did not give up on us. I cannot express the gratitude that I feel when I hear or speak his name. Joseph went above and beyond to help us and I am thankful for the Hyatt Legal For having such a great attorney. Joseph was in the courtroom for every situation ( there was a few) and always got the best result for my son.
I would not hesitate recommending his services to anyone that has a Family Law issue. This is a tough field and not everyone has the finesse to calm an out of control teen- negotiate with the judge and deal with parents that are losing their minds and there’s also the States Attorney. ( she was evil)
Hire Joseph Fasone and don’t look back- he’s the best. He is also punctual, polite, and when he walks into the courtroom you feel his professional presence not only in his look but the respect that he is immediately given. This guy is a winner!!! Don’t waste your time hunting for those cocky lawyers that have big egos and foul mouths-oh- and Joseph drove an hour each way as I live 55 miles from him. I’ve done the homework for you. Thank you Joe for going above and beyond- we noticed!

This was my first time needing a lawyer, and Joe really made it a great experience ! He’s very responsive, always replying to my texts, calls, and emails. He was very understanding, patient, and affordable. He is willing to work with you for payments on his fees so you don’t have to pay it all at once. I would definitely recommend Joe Fasone to anyone needing legal help ! Best attorney ever !!

Joe was not only very knowledgable but he was also patient, confident, and understanding of not only my needs but also the needs of the situation itself – all while explaining this to me in a concise manner that made me confident in the expected outcome.

I would highly suggest him and feel that I found a diamond in the rough down here in South Florida when utilizing his talents for a traffic issue. I hope my friends never need him but if they do, I will be sending them his way.

I admit that throughout my lifetime there has been a few times that I have required legal services. However, not all attorneys rise to the occasion and deserve the recognition that Joseph Fasone does. Not only was Joe affordable and worth every penny spent, but his constant communication, devotion, and ability to perform his due diligence in a steadfast and productive manner were beyond impressive. There was never a time that Mr. Fasone didn’t do everything to make me feel as if my case was of the utmost importance. Mr. Fasone earned my trust and respect to the highest level. If anyone needs an honest, hardworking and committed attorney who will stand by your side to guide you in the most effective way possible then I highly recommend that you choose to do business with the Law Office of Joseph Fasone. Again, many thanks Joe for your impeccable service!

I was recently involved in a car accident whereby i ran into the unflagged hitch of a truck which braked suddenly on I95. My car was totaled and I received a citation from the cops on this. I enlisted the help of Joseph to contest the citation in court. And what a professional Joseph was. He was patient in explaining to me my options and the legal implications. He took care of the court proceedings and successfully removed the traffic citation for me.

You never know when you are going to need a good attorney by your side. Recently my family went thru an unexpected legal dilemma, luckily for us we found Mr. Fasone. From our initial phone conversation he gave us the confidence and trust that we were on good hands.
From beginning to end he maintained an extreme professionalism that was needed on such a stressful time for us.
I recommend 100% the Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone to anyone searching a honest and trustworthy attorney.

Extremely professional and great at keeping you informed. He truly fights for justice. I would recommend him to anyone

Great Attorney, Great communication. I had excellent results. I would recommend Joseph Fasone to represent you as your attorney. I will definitely use his services again.

I am both grateful and extremely satisfied with the manner in which this firm and lawyer handled my case. I do not reside in this county and Mr. Fasone was accommodating by providing exceptional services for a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney to be represented by this knowledgeable and trustworthy firm.

I have been using Joe for a few months and he’s amazing. Answers my calls personally and always stays in touch. I’ve recommended him to my sister and friends and they all love how professional he is. Thanks Joe.

Mr. Fasone possesses uncommon integrity and professionalism. I found Mr. Fasone to be an attentive listener with the ability to focus on the most salient issues – with a knack for prioritization. He strategized an effective approach and made me feel like I was in capable hands. He was successful in addressing my most pressing legal concerns and was honest about the reality of my options. What I found most encouraging was that unlike some other lawyers, he answered his own phone, himself, and/or responded swiftly to messages and emails. I would eagerly recommend him as an attorney.

Joseph Fasone is an excellent attorney. I have hired him twice over the past 10 years and have been extremely happy with the results on both occasions. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of criminal defense attorney. Thanks Joe!

Joseph Fasone is both professional and down to earth. He gets positive results when they are needed most. We have been working with him for over 20 years and have confidently recommended him to friends and family.

This lawyer was refered to us by a friend who had used him successfully. That certainly turned out to be an excellent recommendation. On our first meeting with Joe we realized that our legal concerns would be in the hands of a calm, experienced and informed attorney. He clearly described the probable course of events for us and gave us his advice about how it would be best to proceed. He also presented some additional options we could pursue if need be.

As it turns out Joe was able to have our case dismissed to our great relief. We found him to be fair and upfront in all of our interations. Highly recommended