Why a Probation Violation Requires an Expert Felony Defense Attorney

Being accused of a Violation of Probation is a serious matter. Even if your original offense was not severe enough to warrant jail time, a violation of probation subjects you to the discretion of the judge who can sentence you to the maximum penalty allowed by law if you are in fact guilty of the probation violation. If your probation officer alleges that you violated your probation, a warrant for your arrest is signed by the Judge and you will often be held in custody without a bond until you appear in court for the first hearing. If you contact The Law Office of Joseph Fasone, he will visit you at the jail, contact your probation officer and the prosecutor, and attempt to negotiate to reinstate or modify your probation. In some cases, a final hearing is necessary for the Judge to hear all the evidence from both the prosecutor and the defense in order to determine a proper sentence.

In order for the State Attorney to prove a defendant violated probation, the prosecutor bears the burden of proof to convince the Judge by the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ which is a lower standard of proof than ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ for a Trial by Jury. The prosecutor must show you willfully and substantially violated a term of probation. In some cases, simply not answering the door when your probation officer visits or failing to file a monthly report may be considered a violation; as well as being arrested for another offense such as a DUI or suspended license. Retaining felony defense attorney, Joseph R. Fasone, for your probation hearing is a critical step in attempting to avoid a lengthy period of incarceration.

If you are facing a probation hearing, you should not appear in court without an attorney. A felony defense attorney should be at your side and ready to defend your interests. A strong and aggressive defense is your best hope of staying out of prison, or having other onerous requirements added to your terms of probation. Joseph Fasone has more than 20 years as a criminal defense attorney, and has the experience you need on your side.

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