The Hidden Complexity Of Traffic Offenses

Many people think that traffic offenses are no big deal. You get a ticket, you pay the ticket and off you go. However, paying the fine for a traffic offense for repeated offenses may seriously affect your driving privileges if your traffic offenses accumulate a certain amount of points on your record.

Therefore, traffic offenses can actually be a really big deal, especially if you have a history of them, or if you are already on probation or community supervision. An experienced criminal defense attorney will help you get the charges reduced or dismissed. The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone, PA, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has nearly 30 years of legal experience.

Helping You Avoid Harsh Penalties

Reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving with license suspended and driving under the influence (DUI) are all traffic offenses with potentially harsh penalties if you are convicted. Even a minor traffic offense will show up on your driving record that may cause an increase in your insurance premium or drop your coverage altogether.

Ready To Unravel Complex Arrests, So Call Now

Regardless of the complexity of the traffic offense, you must fight that ticket. The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone, PA, in Fort Lauderdale, defends all traffic offenses throughout South Florida, including the communities in Broward County. Call us today at 954-764-4010 to set up a free initial consultation about your case. With nearly 30 years of criminal defense practice, Mr. Fasone is experienced, practical and aggressive in mounting a consistently high-quality defense for his clients. When the law is not on your side, you need a lawyer who is.