Facing A Probation Violation? Time Is Of The Essence

If you or a loved one are facing a probation or community control (house arrest) violation you fastened immediate legal counsel. A probation violation moves more quickly through the legal system than a trial because of several important factors. Even if your original offense did not warrant jail time, a probation violation may result in a prison sentence if you do not properly or adequately prepare your defense. You do not want to face this situation without thorough, meticulous and aggressive representation.

The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone, PA, has fought for people across South Florida to address these tough situations. Attorney Joseph R. Fasone will talk to you personally and even visit you in jail if necessary.

A Different Burden Of Proof

The legal standard for proving guilt in a criminal trial is “beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.” However, for a probation violation, the prosecution must only prove their case by a “preponderance of evidence,” which is a lower burden of proof. The most common violations include:

  • Failing to report monthly
  • New law violation for an unrelated offense
  • Repeated tardiness for probation meetings
  • Testing positive for drug tests

Essentially, you are at the mercy of the evidence mounted against you. The preparation of a strong defense is essential to resolving a probation violation.

The criminal justice system can be overwhelming to anyone. It is not always fair and the pressure you are under can seriously jeopardize your life. Do not face your probation violation alone. With Mr. Fasone’s extensive criminal defense experience on your side, you can trust that he will diligently represent you for any probation or community control violation.

Free Consultation With Your Lawyer

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