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Joseph R. Fasone

Joseph Fasone offers over 2o years of experience as a Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Attorney.  He serves the South Florida area including Deerfield Beach (Broward County), West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County) and Miami (Miami-Dade County).

As a compassionate and experienced Florida Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Fasone understands that any criminal allegation can have a devastating effect on your reputation, your livelihood and overall well-being.  It is crucial that any criminal case be handled professionally with personal care and attention to detail by an experienced criminal defense attorney in Deerfield Beach.  Mr. Fasone will personally meet with you to assess your case and determine if it can be dismissed and removed from your arrest record. If the case is not subject to dismissal, Mr. Fasone will utilize the proper defense strategy that apply to your case in order to reduce your charges.  For example, if the police illegally obtained physical evidence or improperly questioned you, Mr. Fasone will file the appropriate Motion to Suppress Evidence on your behalf.   If you are a first time offender, you may be eligible for certain diversion programs and eventually seal your arrest record.

 Personal Attention to Your case

The goal at the Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone is to provide the best legal representation possible. Mr. Fasone will offer his personal attention to your case and always strives to obtain the very best outcome for his clients.

The criminal defense attorney in Deerfield Beach who represents you needs to be with you throughout the entire process.  Many South Florida Attorneys are using what is referred to as a “coverage attorney” who knows very little about your case.  When you hire the Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone to handle your case, it is Mr. Fasone who personally appears in court on your behalf.

At the Law Office of JOSEPH R. FASONE, I personally provide criminal defense for all types of felony and misdemeanor offenses. I will assist you with investigating and defending your case. I can help you if you are facing false allegations for crimes that you did not commit.

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