Defending White Collar Crime

Why You Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer For White Collar Crimes

"White collar" crimes involve a level of sophistication that is uncommon in most criminal cases, because there are several complex legal issues to be considered in the state and federal courts. For example, instead of fingerprints and forensics, white collar crime typically involves complex financial data and other financial documents that must be analyzed and defended by a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer and a staff of professionals to formulate the best possible defense strategy. Some "white collar" crimes include:

  • Falsifying financial information, including false accounting entries, fraudulent trades and transactions undertaken to evade industry regulators.
  • Insider trading and tax violations designed to hide self-dealing or misuse of corporate property. Other forms of self-dealing can also include abuse of nonprofit status or tax avoidance.
  • Financial fraud and mortgage fraud, including fraudulent foreclosure rescue or loan modification schemes, equity skimming and fraudulently obtaining a mortgage.
  • Health care, Medicare and welfare fraud, which carry serious penalties with a number of regulatory authorities.
  • Money laundering can bring you into the sites of a number of regulatory agencies eager to prosecute.
  • Businesses that are involved in international trade or have contracts with companies overseas must conform to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. This act forbids bribery of foreign officials, and it can ensnare the inexperienced businessperson unwittingly.

Anyone accused of these or other white collar crimes should immediately retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your defense has to start immediately and be consistently and competently represented throughout the pretrial, trial and appeal phase of the legal process.

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