Being accused of committing a felony offense is a very serious matter. Felony crimes may be either violent or non-violent, but may carry lengthy prison sentences that may include mandatory minimum sentences in prison. The idea of being sentenced to a lengthy prison term is stressful enough, so do not attempt to fight these allegations alone. Joseph R. Fasone, your felony lawyer serving Coral Springs will represent you to prepare your defense.

  1. Talk to Your Attorney

When dealing with serious felony accusations, you should immediately consult an attorney. The Law Office of Joseph R. Fasone provides a defense for those who are facing serious charges. During the first consultation, it is important to tell your attorney everything and you can be assured that all communications are confidential.

  1. Provide Important Information

Your felony defense attorney needs important details about your case. If you have witnesses that may offer an alibi or other defense, it is best to inform your attorney as soon as possible in order to secure statements from these witnesses for trial preparation.

  1. Get Prepared for Court

Going to trial is often a frightening process for most people. You may be worried about the outcome of your case. However, you can expect your attorney to provide the best criminal defense possible.

Joseph R. Fasone, your felony lawyer serving Coral Springs is prepared to help those facing serious charges. If you are dealing with serious accusations that could ruin your life, make sure to immediately contact Joseph R. Fasone, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Broward County.